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10 Day Connection Challenge
15 - 25 August

Are you ready to take your relationship with your dog to the next level?

Would you love to have a deeper, more aligned and attuned connection with your dog, making life easier and more enjoyable for both of you?

Would you love to be inspired with fresh ideas, practical exercises and fun activities to do with your dog daily, that will grow trust, improve communication and strengthen your connection?


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What's Next?

1.  If you haven't already done so, head over and join us in the Paws Reflect Connect Facebook Group,  to join the discussion & sharing with other challenge participants.
2.  Watch your inbox for the daily inspirational email and exercise, starting August 15th and continuing through to August 25th, 2021.

3.  There will also be a daily live discussion via Zoom Meeting, where you can celebrate, share and ask questions about any of the themes & activities.