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Hi, I'm Sue,
Expert in dog behaviour, conscious dog parent, coach
and holistic wellbeing practitioner.

I’m here to tell you that your dog is not a social misfit.  Nor are they disobedient, untrainable or broken in some way.
And, It’s not your fault either.  It’s not because you messed up or didn’t train your dog properly.

I know personally what it's like to live with a sensitive, easily aroused and socially challenged dog.  I learnt the hard way - through trial and error, tears and tantrums.  At times I felt overwhelmed, embarrassed and frustrated by my dog’s socially inept behaviour. 
But now we have come out the other side and live a life of harmony, cooperation and enjoy a soul-deep connection.  Not only do I now know how best to support my dogs in all social situations, but we also enjoy the life that I always dreamed of - camping, walks in nature and travelling in our free time.

Life is not perfect - we are forever learning and growing. But we have learnt what it takes for us to calmly navigate social situations, and have steadily built the resilience we need to handle the stressful events which inevitably show up along the way.


For me, this is what life is all about - finding your flow and learning as you go.

I believe that our dogs can be our greatest teachers in this regard, if we allow ourselves to be open, curious and willing to see things from a new perspective. 

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Qualifications, Certificates
& Continued Learning

Core Values & Methodologies

There is no place for harsh treatment or any form of aversive methods when teaching our dogs the skills they need to live as responsible members of our family group.  They are sentient beings who deserve our understanding, empathy and supportive guidance. My teaching methods are founded in partnership through understanding, co-operation and mutual trust,  as well as positive-reinforcement & consent-based training.


Wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle is core to a happy life with our dogs.  I take a holistic approach, meaning that the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of both the dog & guardian are important elements to creating a healthy relationship, a good foundation for learning and resilience to stress.  I work with a holistic toolkit including essential oils, botanical extracts and flower essences as well as a number of grounding & calming techniques to encourage safety & calm on both ends of the leash.


Clear communication leads to a meaningful exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings.  My aim when working with you and your dog is to listen without judgement, and to give clear, kind and honest feedback.  To find fair and workable solutions that meet everyone's needs.  To provide clear information & instruction, and to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability.  To treat you and your dog with respect & kindness. 

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