How to stop worrying and start living your best life with your dog, today!

We love our dogs deeply and care for them, so it’s natural that we become concerned when something happens to them or when we are faced with their behaviour challenges. We don’t like to see our dogs stressed, anxious or in pain.

But, what if…

Worry has a cycle. It often starts with an event. Perhaps your dog lunged and barked at another person or snapped at another dog. Perhaps your fearful and sensitive dog was frightened and has lost confidence in world around them, or even worse lost trust in you. Or, your dog gets ill or has an injury that requires medical care. This concern often turns to worry when we can’t see an immediate solution. And, it's these worry thoughts that can so quickly gain momentum, creating future scenarios and mind dramas (what if's….).

Worry expands and spreads These worries begin to occupy headspace and sap our energy. They may even cause us to lose sleep. They usually take over at night when we are alone with our thoughts.

The negative thought patterns lead to emotions and feelings of sadness, fear, grief, despair and even hopelessness. The more time we spend reflecting on these worries, the more we begin to find other things in our life that we are not happy about. Perhaps things that aren’t even relevant to the current scenario, but because of the energy we are putting out there by focusing on the negative thoughts, we are starting to see more of this reflected in our day to day reality! The next phase in the cycle is where we want to move past the pain and discomfort of the current situation, in order to find peace again. We want the problem to be resolved (quickly) so that we don’t have to endure these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings anymore.

Now we are focused on some future time and space when all will be well again.

However, thinking about the happy, calm and ‘all is well’ future, only makes us dislike our current state even more. We become more disillusioned about what has to be resolved before we can find peace again.

It’s this resistance to the ‘what is’ current state, that makes it even harder to resolve the current situation. When coming from a place of fear and worry, it’s really difficult to find creative solutions and to find hope.

We are still f