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Transforming your dog's behaviour and aligning with your true self

Holistic Behaviour Support, Training & Coaching


Do your share your life with a sensitive, anxious and over-reactive dog with big emotions?  Feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed and frustrated by their behaviour?

But you know your dog has a good heart. You just wish you knew how to help them.

I’m here to tell you that your dog is not a social misfit.  Nor are they disobedient, un-trainable or broken in some way.
And, It’s not your fault either.  It’s not because you messed up or didn’t train your dog properly, or that your dog needs more training.  In fact, there is usually very little training required, if any at all.  What is needed is a deeper understanding of what your dog needs to help them feel safe, and how to build mutual trust, confidence and co-operation.

 Your dog is not a problem dog, they just need understanding and support.

Where others see problems,
I see pure potential. 
Potential for learning & understanding

Potential to turn your challenges into celebrations
Potential for self-growth & development
Potential to enjoy a happy, balanced & fulfilling life together with your dog
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~ Sue Mimm
Offering tailored, holistic dog behaviour support
and human-dog partnership coaching.

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