A holistic approach to a happy, calm
and balanced life with your dog.

Where others see problems,
I see pure potential...

Our dogs are truly amazing companions. 

They fill our lives with joy, love and laughter.
But often, when it comes to social situations,

we find it difficult to understand their behaviour or help them

to respond in a more appropriate way. 

Do any of these describe your dog?
They don't get along well with other dogs;
They bark at other dogs or people on walks;
They are anxious or easily over- excited during social interactions;
They find it difficult to be calm & courteous when visitors come over;

They don't know how to 'play nicely' with other dogs;
They can't stay home alone or they constantly seek your attention;

They get worked-up or stressed when you take them to new places;

They find it hard to stay focused and connected with you 

when there are other dogs, animals or people around...


Potential for learning.
Potential for you and your dog to blossom into the best version of yourselves.
Potential to enjoy a happier, more fulfilling, calmer, safer and healthier life together.
Potential for a heart connected relationship with your dog, and a bond deeper than you ever imagined possible.

I coach dog parents who want to be confident in helping their dog to feel safe and comfortable in social situations, so that these interactions and experiences become relaxed and enjoyable for both you and your dog,      - without endless training protocols or disregard for                                                               your dog’s emotions and feelings.

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