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The Law of Attraction and Walking Our Dogs: Shifting Perspectives for Positive Experiences

The Law of Attraction, a philosophy centered around the power of thoughts, may seem unrelated to something as simple as walking our dogs. However, this universal principle can play a significant role in shaping our experiences, even during daily activities like dog walking.

What is the Law of Attraction?

At its core, the Law of Attraction posits that positive thoughts attract positive outcomes, while negative thoughts bring about negative results. This belief stems from the notion that thoughts possess energy and that like energies attract each other.

To understand the connection between the Law of Attraction and dog walking, we need to explore the role of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in our brains. The RAS, a cluster of nerves in the brain stem, governs various functions such as consciousness, focus, and perception of the world. It acts as a gatekeeper, filtering incoming information from our senses and highlighting what is deemed important.

The RAS also plays a role in habituation, the brain's ability to ignore repetitive, insignificant stimuli while remaining alert to those that matter for our safety. For instance, it allows us to be in a deep sleep and suddenly awaken if we hear our baby crying or as dog-parents when we hear that retching sound a dog makes just before they are about to vomit all over the carpet! Where our Focus Goes, Energy Flows

When we focus our attention on negative aspects, the RAS actively seeks out more evidence to validate our negative beliefs. As a result, our perception of the world becomes skewed towards negativity. However, by consciously shifting our focus to positive experiences, we can train our RAS to prioritize the things we desire.

The key lies in altering our internal beliefs. Our beliefs shape the RAS's search for evidence, and by changing these beliefs, we can influence the type of experiences we attract. Instead of fixating on negative aspects during dog walks, we can cultivate a mindset focused on positive encounters, joyful moments, and the simple pleasures of spending time with our furry companions.

By consciously practicing this shift in focus, we reprogram our RAS to filter in more positive information and experiences. Over time, our perception of dog walks transforms, as we start noticing the beauty of nature, the friendly interactions with fellow dog-parents and guardians, and the joy that our walks can bring us.

Incorporating the Law of Attraction into dog walking is a small yet powerful way to enhance our daily lives. By changing our internal beliefs and consciously directing our focus towards positivity, we can create a ripple effect of attracting more positive experiences not only during walks but in various other aspects of our lives. So, let's embrace the power of the Law of Attraction and watch as our dog walks become moments of joy, connection, and fulfillment.


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